Discover How To Create A Fulfilled Work Life –
Using Amazing Benefits of this Digital Era
and Design A Life To Live and Just Love

Discover How To Create
A Fulfilled Work Life –
Using Amazing Benefits
of this Digital Era and
Design A Life To Live and Just Love


Take your time – Prepare to learn with an Open mind – Take notes!



Here’s What You’ll Discover through The serie of 7 day’s Videos


You will learn “How to get Help to build your Business – Through the step by step education and mentor programme”
you will notice that “Developing a Business is an amazing mix of Personal Growth and new Skills”


You will become Updated on information about the Digital Economy,
Updated on Marketing Strategies AND Online Digital Business setups
that can transform your life into a lifestyle you will love.
This Digital Business platform is a powerful toolbox that includes all the training, mentoring and
resources that will support you on how to build a thriving online business from scratch.




Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

We are Business Consultants – How can We Help You?

We are so excited that you are here and you have landed on our website as this means you are seeking for a positive change that can impact the rest of your life!

Hi, we’re Katrine Hoyer and Jens Brinch, the founders of KAJE Life Design. We did transition from being Corporate to Business Consultants some years back and later as we discovered SFM, we also became Online Affiliate Marketers.

We are Blogging about our Lifestyle as Online Entrepreneurs. Having time and focus to be true to US and share important inspiration on how to create a balanced life with focus on Health, Wealth and Happiness which has made a big difference to us. 

Today, we have our independence, we take our time and have the freedom to work with projects we like, to travel and do what we like -when we like. 

If you are looking for something that will give you back your time and give you *financial freedom then we have a business model that you could be interested in.

The business model we are talking about is an online business.

The free video training series that we are offering to you here, will give you the insights you require to understand what an online business looks like.

Two years ago we did not truly understand how an online business could change our life.

To build this, meant reskilling with tools, techniques, training and personal development -through a step-by-step program and with the support from an amazing community of people worldwide.

Most people for some reason, believe that they are not capable of doing this. They believe they do not have the technical skills or they think that it is way beyond what they could ever do! we are here to tell you… if we can do it… YOU can too! We know of People within SFM, that with no technical skills whatsoever through the step by step training and support… have done the work – you will meet them all in the this Tribe -if you are interested!

We made a big transition in our life at our 50’s and the majority of people that have made the decision to do this, have been between 40 and 65 years of age. There is a big misconception out there that the online space is for young technically inclined people.. BUT NO! This is for anyone that wants to create a better and balanced life with freedom.

A warm Welcome to you – we hope to see you on the other side

The best of
Health, Wealth and Happiness

Katrine & Jens