In the world of today – many of us don’t take the symptoms of depression, low energy, minor pain or bad sleep seriously unless we collapses. We therefore ignore them and choose the solution, to treat with painkillers or sleeping pills and we continue our daily habits, busy with providing in our life, going to work and fulfill our duties.

A few years ago, I learned that I’m a high-sensitive person. My experience became “the writing on the wall” so to speak. I had a pain in my upper back, which built up over several months, after which I ended in a collapse on the couch, in pain and depression and was sent to my Medical practitioner.

Shortly after I was diagnosed with a serious diagnosis, which usually puts people in wheelchairs!

When you meet me  I’m not in a wheelchair, because I decided to be healthy and I did NOT need attention by being miserable. My journey of discovery for the cause of my condition began, so I could make the changes my body demanded. Throughout the years I have gained knowledge and learned simple methods I use every day. I know what is the best for me and it is quite simple actually – for most of us actually! There is ALWAYS a cause to illness. The cure can only succeed when you understand the cause!

Today – when I feel the slightest out of balance and depressed, have lack of energy, sleep badly or feel any pain! I immediately act. The symptoms are the body’s sensors signalling to my conscious mind – that something has to be changed. I know it’s all about the biochemistry in my body, that with a few but efficient techniques and ingredients, can be brought back into balance.

It’s no secret that my husband and I had to re-design our lives after these experiences. I understood that I’m overly sensitive to thrive in a corporate job, so I have become an entrepreneur. I need to care for my sensitivity and that does not fit into a job in an office landscape with many demands and noise during a day. Together with all my other skills and as a creative person, my sensitivity has actually turned out to be one of my strongest assets. I share my knowledge in blog posts and in the community.

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