How do you define wealth?

Seen from the world economics window, wealth is a sum of the revenue in the society from those who trade products, those who serve on others investments and runs the industrial, religious and political wheels.

For individuals also defined as owning for example big houses, having multiple cars, being able to buy a lot of stuff and spend a lot of money. This can be a very exclusive way of life-but can also be a poor way of life, if you don’t create balance in all the other aspects of a healthy and happy life.

From my perspective, wealth can be in so many other dimensions too. It can have any color and be experienced with any of our senses. What I mean by this is that we all have our own picture of what has the most value for us. It varies with age and it changes along with our life experiences. Wealth could be descried as like for a blind person to be able to listen to music, as a deaf person, being able to see the colors in nature, for a handicapped to be able to enjoying a swim, for a composer to create music without struggles, for the writer to get infinite flow of words and ideas for his stories. We can literally design our own wealth.

Back when my daughters were toddlers, I worked a full time job. So I had to leave the care of my children to other people from their age of 6 months, because I got trapped in the classical setup with work, transportation, mortgage and the needs for the daily household.

I have had several kind CEOs, interesting assignments and good colleagues during all the years. But I also did miss being a mom together with my small children in the morning. Today they are grownups and busy with their life and I feel the lack of funny and caring moments we could have had even more of.

Also back then, I did not have time to visit my grandmother, we were often connected on the phone, but today 15 years after she passed away sated by days, I miss her immensely. Today I regret that I worked instead of visiting her with my beautiful daughters, whom she loved highly.

So for parents employed in a job spending time away from home – wealth can be to take care of your own children and have precious moments with the elder generations in the family and by friends.

So what does wealth means to you? How do you define your wealth? Are you having plenty or are you in a need? The political system has in many areas given up on providing everyone with a job compared to the labour available. Even the former retirement savings are not safe and secured any longer. So we have to invent our own reality and create the income we need, and to sustain our freedom and thrive.

If I had known what I know today – I had started creating my freedom much earlier but better late than never; technology today offers so many possibilities and it’s even more opportune than ever for everyone to prioritize what is important to each and one of us. It’s a matter of mindset.

We have found a platform with a community and a product and mentors who are supporting us as we are making our re-design of life. Here we get the education and train the skills, for connecting worldwide and work on ideas and reach out to other people who are on the look for a solution for their future.

We discovered these fantastic people in an online advertise and we signed up for free to receive the 7 training videos – that told us what to attain from this community. If you are interested in receiving the 7 videos too –

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